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Rooted in Science - When Quality Matters



We understand that your professional reputation and livelihood are largely dependent upon the quality of the turfgrass you manage. With that in mind, Floratine promises to deliver the purest, most technologically advanced foliar and soil-based solutions with expert agronomic support to help you maintain superior turfgrass quality in formidable conditions.

World Sports distributes Floratine products in Brazil and Florida through Trigon Turf Sciences.  If we don’t service your area, we can help you find a Floratine representative.


An innovator in developing foliars for turfgrass, our unique formulations combine a blend of naturally occurring plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids and carbohydrates with vital nutrients for better grass growth, root development and tolerance to environmental stress.


Turf can only be as healthy as the soil it’s growing in. The Floratine line of soil conditioning products breaks down thatch and black layer, improves soil chemistry and increases available nutrient uptake, helping you grow and maintain consistently vigorous turf.


When it comes to your course, every detail matters. That’s why we’ve developed specialty products specifically formulated for water management, improving turfgrass color or providing a nutritional boost.

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