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Outsourcing Venue & Turf Management

​For those whose needs are more comprehensive, many of our clients prefer outsourcing their facility’s turf and/or venue management with World Sports. Our services allow facilities to bring in experienced managers and grounds crews who will not only maintain the facility but manage and grow revenues.  

  • Increased Revenues & Control

    • World Sports provides its experience in managing facilities & events, financial control, and a dedicated sales team to increase event and sponsorship revenues to your complex and an expert and committed management to your venue.

  • Quality with Ease of mind

    • Maintenance by experienced professionals means quality and safety for your fields and your peace of mind.

  • Cost-effective solutions with no surprises

    • One check covers it all. The same low monthly cost means easier budgeting and predictable cash flow.

  • No liability

    • Outsourcing means no more worker’s comp, extra taxes, payroll expenses, equipment maintenance, and other liabilities.

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