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World Sports was founded in Brazil and currently maintains U.S.A. offices in California and Florida, through subsidiary and sister companies.  World Sports specializes in the construction, renovation, replacement, and maintenance of professional and amateur athletic fields and management of facilities.

What makes World Sports uniquely qualified to assist your group is that we are not simply a construction company, but our experience managing multiple soccer facilities and hosting hundreds of tournaments and games means we understand the business side of events.  We are also a distributor of equipment and products in both South America and the USA.

We will work with your group in partnership to ensure the fields are properly designed, developed and positioned to generate strong economic returns for the community.  The opportunities to value engineer projects and implement high technology solutions will positively impact every project.

Azteca Stadium




  • ​1995 - World Sports (WS) is founded in Brazil

  • 1996 - Established the "Perfect Pitches" Partnership with Sao Paulo's State Soccer Federation (FPF) 

  • 1997 - Implemented Latin America's first Vacuum Drainage System

  • 1997, 99, 01 - Consulting, Preparation, and Maintenance for COMEBOL’s Copa America in Bolivia, Paraguai, and Colombia

  • 2005 - Opened first USA office in Tampa, FL

  • 2007 - Renovated the famous Pacaembu Stadium

  • 2008 – Equestrian Society of Sao Paulo contracts World Sports to prepare and maintain its fields for tournaments

  • 2010 – Created WS’s own complex “Arena WS” utilizing its new sports center concept

  • 2010 – Installation of 1st FIFA-certified 2-star synthetic field in Brazil at Arena WS 

  • 2012 – Fully constructed 3 professional fields in Angola for the AFA

  • 2013 - Built one of the first underground Pitch Cooling Systems in the world at the Neo Quimica Stadium

  • 2014 - Fully constructed 4 of 12 stadium fields for the World Cup, present in another 4, and maintained various training facilities

  • 2014 – WS opens NV and CA office

  • 2015 - Launched Floratine in Brazil

  • 2016 - Transitioned Cashman Stadium from Baseball to Soccer, and Vice-versa in 48 hours 

  • 2016 – San Bernardino Soccer Complex trusts WS for complete venue management and maintenance of their 17 field complex

  • 2017 - Installed a "Ready-to-Play in 48 hours" Grass Field in Allianz Park Stadium

  • 2019 – NFL & Azteca Stadium turn to WS for consultation on the stadium’s renovation

  • 2019 - Hillsborough County awarded 160 fields for renovation to WS

  • 2019 – Present in 3 of 4 U17 World Cup Stadiums and 20+ training centers

  • 2020 – DENNIS & SISIS Equipment form partnership with WS for US West Coast

  • 2021 – WS acquires MA Cook Verticutting

  • 2021 - Soil Scout, TLS, & Endurant form partnerships with WS for the entire USA

  • 2021 - Maintenance for COMEBOL’s Copa America in Brazil 

  • 2022 – Dallas Cowboys contracts maintenance of Summer Practice fields to WS

  • 2022 – Maintained U20 Women’s World Cup stadium fields in Costa Rica

  • 2022 – Complete renovation of renowned Equestrian Farm in Wellington, FL

  • 2022 – Pure Turf partners with WS FL for Core Harvesters representation

The skill set we can bring to your project includes:

  • Planning and Design of field, event and spectator spaces that maximize use of the complex and fields.  We work closely with architects and engineers to bring our real world experience to the table.

  • Construction of natural grass or artificial turf fields with a focus on value engineering using best practices appropriate for the type and location of the project.

  • Maintenance, Venue and Event management.

  • Advanced technologies, including wireless soil sensors, best of class fertility, robotic mowing and line marking, smart irrigation control, equipment sensors, computer and automated control, including advanced modeling, and grow light system.


Whether your fields host multi-million-dollar athletes or amateur youth athletes, we will treat your project with the attention to detail it deserves.  All our services are undertaken with the guiding principle that your athletic fields are not merely playing surfaces, but a fundamental part of an athlete’s safety equipment.













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Roberto Gomide has led World Sports to become one of the most respected Sports Turf Contractors in Brazil. Roberto has been working for the past 25 years to develop the Turf industry both in Brazil and internationally, working with some of the most prestigious sports clubs. Mr. Gomide holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and has held several executive positions in the United States and in South America. Roberto, Founder and VP of ABGE Brazilian SportsTurf Association, and Member of STMA-Sports Turf Managers Association (USA), played a key role in many projects related to the new stadiums for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.Roberto leads World Sports to a significant market position in the American sports turf market since 2014.


CEO and Founder


Mr. Lauretti holds a B.S. degree in Agronomy (1995) and a M.S. degree in Agriculture (1998). Mr. Lauretti’s career began in 1996 as the agronomist and manager for the World Sports (Brazil) constructing the Santos FC soccer field. He worked with World Sports in Brazil until December 2003 as our agronomist and Technical Director, constructing several professional and community club soccer fields as well as other sports fields and was also responsible for several maintenance crews for the professional and club levels fields. In 2005, he was instrumental in opening World Sports Turf and Marketing, LLC, in Florida, building the first soccer field for Miami FC at Tropicana Park. In 2013 Mr.Lauretti helped World Sports as a consultant during the preparation of 8 fields for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. He was the Head Grounds Keeper of Arena Corinthians, where the opening and semi-final games were played.


President and Chief Agronomist


Mr. Camara’s education is Agronomist Engineer, graduated by the State University of São Paulo-UNESP (1993) and Postgraduate in Agribusiness (Crops) by the State University of São Paulo UNESP (1994/1995). Mr. Camara has been with the World Sports family of companies from 1997 to present. He has been directly involved with constructing, maintaining, and consulting on over 200 sports turf field projects in Brazil, Singapore, Florida, Nevada and California for World Sports.


Director of Turf Field Services


Mr. Amaral education is Agronomist Engineer by ESALQ/USP and MsCin Irrigation and Drainage by UNESP. He has 25 years of experience in grass cultivation in the Sports Turf industry. In Brazil, he is responsible for maintaining more than 30 major soccer fields, including Arena Corinthians, Allianz Parque, Estadio do Pacaembu and Pelé’s home stadium Vila Belmiro. Worked as Turf Grass Manager during FIFA World Cup 2014, with responsibility for 4 venues and 12 training centers, Olympics 2016 in Rio and Russia 2018 Qualifiers. At Allianz Parque he is in charge of the field operation of the venue (in natural turfgrass) that has more events in a year for the second year in a row. Manages all the “ready-to-play” grass conversion sat the stadium and the preparation for concerts. Allianz Parque hosted more than 42 concerts in the grass in the last 5 years.


Director of Operations



Mark Gomide is pursuing his Bachelor's of Science, Finance at the University of South Florida. Having grown up alongside World Sports and the team, Mark has since joined the company in a sales and administrative role, handling the Dennis & SISIS Operations as well as Representing our other partners.


Sales Representative



4652 Eagle Falls Place, Tampa, FL 33619

+1 (833) 975-3777, Ext. 2



2500 Pacific St, Highland, CA 92346

+1 (833) 975-3777, Ext. 1


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R. Martinho de Campos, 301 - Vila Anastácio
São Paulo - SP - 05093-050 - Brazil

+55 (11) 5681-3981
+55 (11) 94743-5789

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