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The Best 
Electric Mowers


No engine noise


No fumes


No gas expenditures or leakages


No vibration


3,000W Battery (Rapid 2hr charge)


Full battery performance of 25+ miles 
(approx 4 football pitches)

All with the same power output


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Meet environmental guidelines while improving turf management practices

Lead the way of sustainability with the new Electric Dennis Mower which provides you with no noise, fumes, or vibration when maintaining your grounds. Grounds Managers can continue to do more with less with its interchangeable cassettes.

Do more with less

with interchangeable cassettes!


One machine does:

  • Reel mow

    • 5,6,8,10, or 11 Blades

    • 1/16” - 2” Height of cut

  • Verticutt

    • Heavy-duty Tungsten-tipped Blades

  • Scarify

    • 1mm or  2mm Blades - 12mm apart for maximum Thatch removal

  • Brush

    • Soft, Hard, Multi-Dense Bristle

  • Sorrel roller

ES - 34R Main Image page 50 new.jpg

ES-34R Electric Rotary Mower 

ES - 860 Main Image - page 46 New.jpg

ES-860 Battery Mower

(interchangeable Cassettes)

ES - 36 Main image - page 48 new.jpg

ES-36 Heavy Battery Mower

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